Burlway facial cleansing brush System. face body electric massager,skin rejuvenation device Kit

Burlway B8360 Micro-Fiber Face Cleansing Brush System for deep cleansing – Take your Beauty Care To Next Level.


★ powered by 2 AA batteries (included)

★ Cleansing principle: releasing a gentle, frequent and slight shock to clean face, together with massage, can more effectively and thoroughly remove stubborn dirt, grease and residual makeup inside pores so as to achieve the effect of deep cleansing.

★ Beautiful, practical and affordable with novel design and exquisite packing; light and small, easy to carry; easy and safe to operate.

★ Accompanied by four replaceable massage heads with different effects, you are free to choose them according to your requirement, suitable for various parts of the body.

★★★100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!★★★


1.Prepare water and the Machine.

2. Wet Skin with water.

3. Wet brush head with water

4. Take some cleaning cream on the brush hair

5. Let brush hair touch facial skin gently, forehead 15 seconds and make circle from bottom the edge, massage the whole forehead.

6. Use the same method(step 3) massage the face for 20 seconds each side.

7. Nose and chin for 15 seconds. Massage along from the nose both sides and the chin in tum.

8. Clean the face with water. 9 Wipe dry your face with a towel.

★ ★ Burlway Face Cleansing Brush System Take your Beauty Care To Next Level★ ★

Product Features

  • ★ ★ Burlway Face Cleansing Brush System Take your Beauty Care To Next Level★ ★
  • ★ SPONGE: leaving your skin feeling ultra soft.
  • ★ SENSITIVE BRUSH: extremely soft bristles, gentle enough for most sensitive skin types
  • ★ MASSAGE HEAD: gives your skin a gental massage after cleaning.
  • ★ DERMABRASION BRUSH: used to peel off dead cells on skin to reveal a fresh and young looking face.